About : Hair Thursday & Team

I’m Sarah.

I spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about hair.

Specifically, the hair dilemmas of complete strangers.

People have called me a “hair savant”.

I’m trying to figure out if that is a blessing or a curse.

I have absolutely no formal hair training, so tread carefully.

You can contact me at sarah AT hairthursday DOT com.

Hair Thursday Editors

Aleks(andra) is an editor in Chicago. When she’s not writing, attending sporting events with her husband, testing recipes, or watching teen-centered dramas, you can find her in the salon haircare aisles of Ulta and Sephora. She’ll be reviewing higher-end products for Hair Thursday.

Emily is 32 and lives in Boston with her funny boyfriend. She is a beauty school dropout who cannot stop cutting her own hair. She can be found obsessing about cheese and her cat at Pretty Crabby or talking about products endlessly at Tallulah Blue. She has not seen her real hair color since 1990.

Jamie has been fighting her naturally curly hair since the early 1980’s. In 2003, she experienced a hair epiphany following a disastrous session with a stylist who didn’t “get” curly hair, and sent her off into the world with a smile and many badly textured layers. Knowing the best defense is a good offense, she has been devoted to figuring out her own hair ever since. When she’s not scouring the internet (or the aisles of her local Sephora) for the perfect anti-frizz product, Jamie can be found contemplating her next haircut or yelling at her ceramic flat iron. The former dancer, and dog person, also writes at Parallel First.

Kate will be writing the monthly “Celebrities: What were they thinking?!” column here at Hair Thursday. There’s really nothing about Kate that qualifies her for this job other than that she is willing to work for free and loves to make fun of people. Kate lives with her husband and 8-year-old daughter, who are the two funniest people she knows. She has a crush on Ira Glass and Jon Stewart, knows all the lyrics from Sound of Music (which she sings enthusiastically), and has never eaten a Big Mac in her life. She once touched Eddie Vedder’s butt. She would be perfectly happy to be stranded on a desert island as long as she had a boat-load of good books, pop-tarts and Pinot Gris. She is a smart-ass extraordinaire.

Katie is a public interest lawyer living in Chicago with her husband, a basil plant named Boris, and a staggeringly large collection of cookbooks. She has very strong feelings about public schools, letterpress stationary, and beer. (And hair, obviously.) You can also find her at her personal blog, Pseudostoops.

Lindsey is in her mid-twenties and hails from the Midwest, a land second only to the South in Really Bad Hair. Having spent much of her youth supporting that title, she feels compelled to help others escape a similar fate, and is convinced salvation can be found in department store product aisles. Lindsey hates seeing people with wet hair in public and is suspicious of shampoo that costs more than $20.