How To Achieve Amy Adams’ Loose Waves

If you’ve ever seen Amy Adams’ hair, you know that she has some of the most gorgeous waves in the business. While her style is always changing, loose waves are a look that she often rocks. If you want to get sexy waves like Amy, keep reading for our tips!

In this tutorial, we will show you how to create loose waves like those seen on Amy Adams. This hairstyle is perfect for a formal event or everyday wear. It is easy to create and will only take a few minutes! Let’s get started!

Does Amy Adams have naturally curly hair?

Amy Adams is known for her red carpet glamour, but her everyday look is decidedly more casual. Paparazzi shots of the actress running errands or taking her dog for a walk often show her with her hair pulled back into a low-key ponytail or bun.

Adams has said in interviews that she prefers to keep her hair out of her face when she’s not working, and it’s clear that she doesn’t spend a lot of time on complicated styles.

Given her low-maintenance approach to hair, it’s no surprise that Adams often wears her hair in its natural state, which is curly. In fact, she has spoken openly about her struggles with frizz and has even shared her favorite products for taming unruly locks.

So, while Amy Adams may be better known for her sleek and straight red carpet looks, it seems that curly hair is her natural state.

How To Achieve Amy Adams’ Loose Waves

Amy Adams is one of Hollywood’s most popular actresses, and she always looks fabulous on the red carpet. One of her signature looks is loose, romantic waves in her hair. If you’re wondering how to achieve this look, we’ve got some tips for you!

1) Mark started by spraying Biolage volumatherapie Bodifying Spray Gel into Amy’s damp hair and blow dried it with a medium size Spornette Mixed Bristle round brush to get a good deal of volume in her hair.

2) Next, he set her hair with hot rollers, wrapping it around the roller from roots to ends to give it a nice wave.

3) Once the hair was cool, he removed the rollers and brushed out her hair with a flat brush, parting it to the side.

4) To add some texture and shine, he sprayed Biolage Shine Endure Spritz into her hair and gave it a scrunch.

5) Lastly, he sprayed down any flyaway hair with Vavoom ShapeMaker hairspray.

And that’s it! Follow these steps and you’ll have loose, romantic waves like Amy Adams in no time.

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