How to Create Beachy Waves

Let’s face it, as much as I would like to throw on my knee-high Frye boots and tights right now, summer isn’t over just yet. In fact, it’s about 90 degrees as I type this post. GAH. How about we focus on an easier, less “perfect” look for the remaining sweltering season?

This tutorial demonstrates how I wear my hair 95% of the time. I certainly enjoy a smooth and straight look, but I just don’t have the time (NOR THE ARM STRENGTH) to blow dry my hair on a daily basis. Plus, as I’ve said here numerous times, wavy/curly girls should celebrate their tresses!

(While this look is easier to create with naturally wavy hair, straight gals can achieve it too! Get your curling irons ready!)

Just remember, the key to this look is NOT trying to make the waves perfect. If you mess with the waves too much, your hair will end up looking frizzy. You are going for a loose, casual and summery vibe!

What you need.


Brush (mainly for bangs)
Beach spray (David Babaii Bohemian Beach Spray is to die for. TO DIE FOR. Not gritty like a lot of the beach sprays and smells so good. It’s like a tropical vacation on your head every day. BUY IT.)
Wide-toothed comb
Sock Diffuser (I much prefer these cheapies over the big plastic ones.)

Okay, kiddos! Wash and towel-dry your hair. Comb through tangles with a wide-toothed comb.


Separate your bangs from the rest of your hair. (Yes, I shot this tutorial before my dream hair/blunt bang extravaganza.)


Blow dry your bangs in the opposite direction that you want them to lay.


I’m telling you, it works!


Flip hair over and and give it a good scrunch.


Spray beach spray all over the hair.




Give hair a nice scrunch again. (This will help create volume and texture for less wavy gals.)


I personally like the way my hair air dries with the beach spray, but if I don’t want to deal with a damp head of hair, I will use my Sedu hair dryer with the sock diffuser attached. If your hair isn’t terribly wavy, you will want to use the diffuser to help create some bends and volume throughout the hair.

With your hair dryer on the lowest heat setting, diffuse your hair while gently scrunching.


To create more defined waves, twirl your hair and let the dryer work it’s magic.


Tada! Loose, beachy waves.


Now, if your hair needs a little more oomph OR you see some spots that are a little too freaky/frizzy, grab your curling iron. My Hot Tools 1-inch is a godsend. (In my humble opinion, the cheaper gold-barreled ones are WAY better that the more expensive ceramic ones. The curls look nicer and stay put longer.)

Wrap random, small pieces around the barrel of the curling iron without using the clamp.


I usually curl 1-2 small pieces on each side. If your hair is on the less wavy side, you might need more. Remember, you are going for beachy and casual! Don’t overdo it!


Grab your wax. Rub a tiny amount between your fingers and separate some of the waves for a piecey look,


And voilá! Beachy waves in about 15 minutes!


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